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Saint Louis University Billikens Hockey Booster Club

Dear Parents, Friends and Supporters of Billiken Hockey

We are pleased to announce the creation of the SLU Billiken Hockey Booster Club. The purpose of the club is to support and expand the educational and athletic goals of Saint Louis University and the Billiken Hockey Club. Our goal is to raise funds to support the successful growth of the hockey club through raising participation of supporters, developing new activities and programs that enhance the goals and success of the program.

Why are we acting now? The SLU Billiken Hockey Club has been very successful. As we stand today, the D1 team is ranked 10th nationally, and we are all very proud of the student athletes. We know we can take the teams to the next level with the addition of a new ice rink on campus. To achieve this we are going to need the support, energy, and creativity of all the supporters and friends of Billiken Hockey. We want to create programs that allow all to take part in the development and success of the club and building of a new arena. The Billiken Bench Club is the tool we will be using to support these efforts.

As you are aware, Billiken hockey is a club sport paid for by the student athletes and their parents. Hockey is an expensive sport, and our team coaches do a very good job of keeping the program affordable; however, we believe that we can expand the number of booster events to the benefit of the athletes and the success of the club.

We are creating the Billiken Bench Club with three levels of participation. Descriptions of the White, Royal, and Platinum packages are enclosed. We believe that these programs will increase the opportunities for parents, local and out-of-town, to take part and keep up-to-date with club activities, the athletes, and the current season.

Please take the time to review the Billiken Bench Club package options. We hope that you select the White package at a minimum and ask you to consider the Royal or Platinum package. For this year, because we are mid-season, all packages will be carried through the entire 2003-2004 season, so you will receive full benefits for this year and next year.

Please take the time and sign up NOW for the Billiken Bench Club. Show your Billiken Pride!

Thank you,
Sam Kelner
Coordinator of Sports Club
Saint Louis University

Terrence D. Arndt
President, B.B.C.


The purpose of the Billiken Bench Club, Saint Louis University (SLU) Hockey Booster Club is to develop, expand and support the educational and athletic goals of the SLU men’s ice hockey program. Specifically, the organization will raise and distribute monetary support for equipment purchases, travel and meal expenses for the team and coaches and various other items as needed by the team in pursuit of our mutual goals.


White Level 
FAMILY$20.00 (four home game tickets)
E-Mail UpdatesRegular team news and updates including team profiles, schedules and results
Team PictureFrameable team picture from the current season
Coach's CornerRegular comments and game reviews from the coaches and captains
Forecast Lunch – Pre-seasonAn invitation for you to meet the team and coaches as they face off for a new season (does not include the cost of lunch)
Game Night Program ListingYour name will be proudly listed with the rest of the BBC members in the annual Game Night Program.
Window StickerDisplay your BBC and SLU hockey pride
Home Game TicketTwo free home game tickets
Royal Level 
INDIVIDUAL$75.00 annually
FAMILY$150.00 annually (up to three home game passes)
Season PassA Season Pass to ALL home games ($84.00 value)
SLU Hockey MerchandiseTwo (2) Billiken Bench Club seat cushions ($40.00 value)
Saint Louis Hockey BanquetAn invitation for you and a guest to the end of season award’s banquet (does not include the cost of the banquet)
SLU Hockey Golf ClassicAn invitation for you or your foursome to the annual golf event (LIMITED AVAILABILITY-does not include the cost of golf)
Platinum Level 
INDIVIDUAL$250.00 annually
FAMILY$400.00 annually (up to three annual game passes)
SLU Hockey MerchandiseOne (1) Billiken Bench Club arena blanket ($50.00 value)
Saint Louis Hockey BanquetYou and a guest attend at no charge ($70.00 value)
SLU Hockey Golf ClassicOne MVP Individual Golf Fee at no charge ($150.00 value)
Game Night Program AdDisplay ad; eighth page no charge ($75.00 value)
New Arena SeatingPreferred BBC seating in the new on campus arena

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